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    Meeting the unique challenges of retail flooring with performance vinyl

    June, 2018

    Creating the right image for your retail / commercial premises happens from the ground up. We explore performance vinyl, the commercial flooring choice that best meets the unique set of challenges in the retail space – the ability to cope with high footfall, baby buggies and shopping trolleys while creating an aesthetic that reflects your brand values.

    When your business is all about image, you need to make smart flooring choices. Businesses as diverse as concept stores, banks, hotels, bars and restaurants all need floor coverings that are durable and dependable and support a variety of design choices. Carpet, laminate, ceramic tile and hardwood may all be valid options in certain contexts, but none can match the versatility and durability of performance vinyl.

    Boost the retail experience

    The design environment in any retail premises is built from the ground up. The right flooring can create a flow throughout the store that leads customers effortlessly past featured products and promotional items. It can also ensure that visitors to cafes, restaurants and bars return time after time. For this to happen, it should be easy to install and maintain, comfortable underfoot and of course be highly resistant to the wear and tear of hundreds or thousands of feet. Your flooring choices should also reflect your brand’s core values, making Duraflor’s performance vinyl ranges the smart way to reflect the unique value proposition of your brand in the aesthetic choices you make.

    A wide choice of colour, style and types of vinyl flooring 

    Wood is often chosen for retail premises to impart a sense of classic luxury. Both Axis and Momenta are luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) ideal for commercial spaces, which have a high level of public footfall and they can give any restaurant or bar a real luxury look. Axis as a looselay option also has the advantage of blending seamlessly with carpet tiles and being quick to lay and change – reducing any downtime in a busy commercial environment. Or if a sheet vinyl is the chosen solution, a sleek and contemporary dark wood floor like Smoked Chestnut from the Durawood range combines good looks with a 0.7mm wear layer and Topguard PUR coating for ease of maintenance.

    Durability is critical

    Performance vinyl has a reputation for resilience that makes it the ideal partner with commercial premises. Properly maintained it has a high life expectancy and can stay looking good for many years. Look for a wear layer of o.7mm if your flooring is expected to stand up to the most demanding environments. Vinyl that can be laid as planks or tiles are another cost-effective choice for retail premises. Worn sections of flooring are easy to lift and replace, saving on the expense of re-laying an entire floor.

    Enhance your brand

    Whether you’re a niche boutique or a high street chain, a bar or restaurant the chances are that you’ll re-brand at least once while you’re in your current premises. Performance vinyl gives you the opportunity to achieve a high-end finish that reflects your brand values, while being affordable enough that it can be replaced when the time comes for a rebrand and a refit, or based on your initial choice provide a timeless backdrop to several changes of decor.

    Hardwood flooring and ceramic tile may be considered as desirable, top end finishes but neither can match the benefits of performance vinyl. In fact, many performance vinyls can now so accurately mimic wood and stone that they’re replacing the real thing as the first choice for flooring.

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