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    Nature inspired flooring to enhance productivity

    February, 2020

    Nature inspired flooring – the benefits to office productivity

    The wonder of nature is around us in urban green spaces, as well as the English countryside. Bringing themes linked to nature into the office environment has many proven benefits. So, nature inspired flooring to enhance productivity could be another design consideration, when determining which patterns will work best on your floor.

    Employee benefits

    Bringing nature into the office can help employees to feel refreshed, relaxed and ultimately more creative.

    Nature-inspired patterns are becoming more and more popular in offices and workplaces. Commercial carpets, that mimic nature  can therefore bring harmony into any office, break-out space or reception area. Freedom Bark is just one example of a nature inspired design.

    A relaxed environment facilitates improves productivity

    Bringing a reminder of the extraordinary range of textures and colours that Mother Nature provides in the outside world, inside, is a subtle way of helping your employees to feel more comfortable in their working environment.

    It is surprising what influences people’s mood in the workplace. Adding indoor gardens, potted plants and living walls are all cited as being initiatives that help to settle employee’s stress levels and well-being.

    While commercial carpets and carpet tiles whose design stems from tree bark may not have such an obvious influence, it can still help to lift the mood in a more understated way and research has shown how the mood of staff can affect overall productivity. There are 3 nature inspired designs in our Freedom Collection but it would be fair to say that both Freedom Storm and Freedom Bark are the ones that create the strongest feeling of bringing the outside in.

    Freedom collection profile

    The Freedom range of commercial carpets comes in eight different colours with five differing designs. It means that you can mix and match throughout the workplace keeping the same attractive nature-based theme.

    Incorporating 35% more yarn per square metre than many competitive products, the Heavyweave™ construction also contains a tuft density that is 30% greater than rival commercial carpets. Thanks to the Antron polyamide yarn, the Freedom range is made with DuraTech® soil resistance for easier cleaning. The collection also comes with a 20-year guarantee.

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