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    Vinyl flooring trends to expect in 2020

    February, 2020

    Vinyl flooring developments


    The technical advances in vinyl flooring in recent years have resulted in highly realistic wood and stone vinyl flooring designs. This has significantly contributed to the continued increase in the popularity of LVT both in commercial environments, as well as domestic ones.

    So are there any key vinyl flooring trends to expect  for 2020?

    Popular tones

    Earthy tones create a mindful and restful space, but they’re also elegant and sophisticated. The best thing about vinyl is that there are so many options available, so no matter if you want a warm earthy tone (think deep brown) or a light finish (think grey and white), there is an option to perfectly match your aesthetic.

    Going into 2020, we’re moving towards light, airy colours, with a few warm tones thrown into the mix. In fact, the lights are getting even more extreme, with a trend towards more white-washed looks.

    Equally creativity is coming to the fore with a ‘high variation’ look, mixing different colour wood planks to create a multi-variant style on the floor, yet with a knocked back sophistication (as show with our new Espressa range above).

    Stronger patterns and shapes

    There are some impressive wood looks (including hand-scraped and distressed looks), natural stone looks, woven patterns, metallic looks and more. The options provided in the Duraflor Momenta  and AXIS ranges reflect this.

    Herringbone is still proving popular and you should look out for large format wide planks too, which are great especially when paired with solid colours. It really is the perfect combination.

    2020 is more about getting creative with your flooring and that isn’t just the domain of carpet tiles.

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