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    Office colour schemes chosen by top interior designers

    August, 2018

    Productivity in workplaces is affected by lots of things, including interior decoration. We look at what professional interior designers recommend for 2018 in this article.

    Boosting productivity within the office doesn’t just relate to motivating the workforce via accepted methods or training, as the work environment can also play a large part. Choosing the right colour scheme for your workplace can have a surprising effect on employee creativity, focus and energy. Some of the top office colour schemes for 2018 to enhance productivity, as recommended by interior design professionals include:

    Deep green

    A dark green in a satin or matte finish adds a dramatic effect to any office and works well with artificial light, as well as natural daylight. Using strong green colours like this for walls or flooring helps to promote a calming and harmonious effect, as green is a natural colour which is present within nature and promotes feelings of renewal and life, while adding a sense of balance and safety to promote productive working.


    A creamy, off-white tone in offices helps promote a warm glow, particularly when offices features lots of natural sunlight. Partnering off-white walls with a bold splash of colour is one way to add a dramatic effect to the office, and choosing the right splash of colour for features will certainly boost employee moods.

    Deep blue

    Deep blue is a great choice of colour for creatives and can help inspire and motivate employees to produce their best work. The colour blue can be both relaxing and tranquil, giving hints of the oceans and sky. Coupling deep blue carpet tiling or commercial carpets with the warm tones of creamy off-white will certainly help ensure employees are in the best possible mood throughout the day and adding natural, lush plants or shrubs to office spaces can create an even more positive workspace to increase productivity and enhance mood.


    Grey is an understated and classic colour for offices, which can be extremely calming and looks fabulous when teamed with bright pops of colour in accessories, carpeting or furnishings. Misty grey with a slight blue or mauve tint is a lovely choice for offices and works well when different styles of artwork are displayed on walls. The pictures you choose for your offices and lobby areas can be extremely inspirational for employees and visitors and help create an elegant look which is sure to enhance productivity. Additionally, paler grey office walls can be bought to life when the right colour carpet is in place, and just one colourful accent wall in offices will certainly add a touch of vigour and creativity to promote employees’ moods and increase levels of work.

    Tinted whites

    White is also a traditional choice for office walls and opting for white paints with just a hint of colour can add a really warm glow, choose whites with a hint of pink or yellow to create a welcoming office space that looks clean and refreshing and helps enhance worker moods by giving employees a bright place in which to work. White office walls are a brilliant backdrop to dramatic furnishings or carpets and will work well with any colour really.

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