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    The problem with commercial flooring trends

    February, 2018

    Companies often fight to be as ‘current’ as possible in order to appeal to clients and create an on-trend environment for their staff.

    When seeking a design scheme to achieve the right look, as a designer you might look at current trends and visit the newest places to get an idea of what’s hot, and what works. The competition to have the most up-to-the-minute commercial space can be fierce. For end users the trends that arise are often taken very seriously, with the advice being that if you have things that aren’t working for your space, then it’s time to change.

    The pursuit of the latest trends can have those responsible for the office design obsessing over potential changes without having the budget to actually make them. But it is important to remember that trends come and go, and if you always aim to be up with the latest trend in office design or commercial flooring, then you will have to keep shelling out money to update everything as trends inevitably change.

    A little perspective

    If we take a glance back at flooring trends from 2014, one of the more popular and stylish ways to go was variations on wood flooring that offered a somewhat rustic look. Hand scraped wooden boards that showed the variation and knots in the wood were very desirable, giving character to rooms and helping complete a classical look. We also saw a proliferation of wider planks for the traditional laminate flooring, and even wood floors with nothing but an oil finish, further cementing that classical rustic look.

    Wood commercial flooring was trendy, and it served as part of a wider design fixation on spaces that looked clean and welcoming with a hint of old-fashioned charm, bringing a degree of warmth to a space that is ultimately designed for work. When you look at design trends for 2018, just 4 years later, there has been quite a drastic shift.

    The commercial space of this year favours tight lines and precision, particularly with recent improvements to vinyl and carpet tiling. Luxury vinyl tiles are coming to the fore, as are high quality carpet tiles and porcelain tiles that feature digital printing for a sleek and shiny finish.

    The rustic look has all but died off, and we are now seeing extremely modern chic in typical design trends. Style-wise, commercial flooring is being geared to fit a contemporary look of neutral colours in precise lines juxtaposed with features that rock bright jewel tones or pastel colours.

    A trend follower not a trend setter

    There will never be an end to trends in everything where design is a factor, and commercial flooring trends will come and go. At Duraflor we keep a close eye on the trends we think are more likely to stand the test of time better than others, and look to offer products that reflect those to our clients. The new Duraflor Freedom Collection, we believe are a good example of this because the patterns draw from nature and the urban environment, elements that will continue to surround us and meet the need to be in harmony with our surrounding. Our colour choice, as with many of the Duraflor portfolio is based on popular colour combinations that are fresh when launched, yet stand the test of time.

    The Freedom Collection includes the following ranges – Bark, Rainfall, Storm, Pavement and Compound.

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