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    Sustainability in office design

    November, 2022

    A significant focus on sustainability in office design


    One of the most significant trends for office design in 2022 is an increased focus on sustainability. Companies understand the importance of doing more than just playing lip service to climate change and are taking steps to embrace sustainability. Commercial interior design has adapted alongside changes to office culture, and taking credible steps towards sustainability is a key factor in many design choices.

    How the built environment impacts the planet

    Figures from the Green Building Council show that the built environment has a significant impact on the planet.

    • The built environment accounts for almost 40% of global carbon emissions.
    • Extraction, manufacture, transport, and assembly of materials used to construct and fit out a building account for 11% of these emissions.

    Following COP27 an estimated 80% of global emissions are now covered by pledges that commit to reaching net-zero emissions. There is greater focus on turning pledges into action, but making sustainable choices remains hard to navigate in may industries.

    Sustainable, practical, and cost-effective

    The challenge, of course, is marrying sustainability, practicality, and cost-effectiveness. When you’re designing office space, you need something that will last and look great, as well as being good for our planet.

    Our new product sustainability guide helps to give you confidence, that with Duraflor you are making a good, sustainable choice.

    Conscious choices, responsible future

    As more and more designers and flooring contractors choose to use environmentally-responsible products, it’s important to have confidence in the choices being made. We work with you to discuss design options at the start of the process, the new guide gives a few suggestions. We can also offer a carpet tile part-exchange service and are part of the Recofloor vinyl take back scheme, helping to close the loop and reduce our impact on the environment.

    Get in touch with Duraflor to discover how we can help you create a more sustainable office design.

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