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    The benefits of vinyl flooring

    April, 2019

    Have you considered all the benefits of vinyl flooring?

    Flooring is a key consideration when it comes to an office refurbishment, and for that reason it needs to be hard-wearing, presentable and easily maintained. Vinyl is highly innovative and brings a range of benefits to any business, it is no surprise it continues to go from strength to strength each year as a commercial floor covering of choice.


    Vinyl manufacturing processes mean that you can find sheet vinyl or vinyl floor tiles with a range of designs and structural characteristics. There are various cell foam backing for vinyl flooring that mimic specific performance characteristics, for example those of a sprung floor or a wood or laminate flooring system. Comfort underfoot is also possible without the need for additional underlay and newer designs can mimic the acoustic benefits of carpet.

    This means that you can readily tailor your choice of vinyl flooring to be in complete harmony with the functionality of your workspace.


    Vinyl is an excellent hard-wearing flooring choice. One of its primary benefits is its moisture resistance which greatly contributes to its longevity. The quality, thickness and manufacturing of vinyl will greatly affect the durability of a vinyl floor. Sheet vinyl is generally of lesser durability than vinyl planks and tiles. Both however are designed to withstand the wear of high traffic and are a great choice for retail, hospitality and service environments where there is a lot of footfall.

    Easy to clean and maintain

    Maintenance of your vinyl flooring is often more simple and cost effective than carpet, which may require periodic professional extraction cleaning. If you opt for a tile flooring system, damaged vinyl floor tiles can be readily replaced.

    A broad range of designs

    Vinyl flooring offers a wide variety of styles, patterns and textures which can really enhance your office environment. Luxury Vinyl Tiles easily replicate the appearance of wood or stone and are available in a variety of patterns and colours. With the ability to be integrated with other flooring options such as carpet as part of your final office design, vinyl stands out as a great investment for reliable and attractive commercial flooring.

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