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    Three things to consider when choosing commercial carpeting

    February, 2018

    Choosing the right commercial carpets can be difficult. With practical considerations having to trump personal preference, we take a look at what you need to think about if you want to make the perfect choice.

    When it comes to outfitting an office with new furnishings or design features, there is always a lot for you to think about, and this is no different with your flooring choices than it is with your desks, doors, or desktops. Although colour and aesthetic may well play a role in the selection of commercial carpets, it’s not as easy as just picking out the swatch you like best; you have to consider the practicalities too.

    Covering the three most important bases, should provide you with a handy point of reference when it’s time to make your decision…

    1. Traffic

    Commercial carpeting often has to withstand a large amount of wear and tear, which is why we suggest you have a good think about the likely level of traffic in your office before making your selection. Don’t just consider numbers, but the type of footwear too.

    It’s not just foot traffic you have to bear in mind, but also the furnishings and equipment that will be in the room. Desk chairs, for example, are best suited to smooth, flat flooring, to allow free movement and reduce the incidence of unsightly indentations.

    2. Colour

    Just like the paint you choose to use on your walls, your carpet colour will massively impact both the mood and aesthetic of your office, so it’s important to choose wisely. Creams and other pale palettes can be a quick and clever way to enlarge a space, but admittedly they’re not always practical. A recent blog we wrote considers the psychology of colour and its impact on productivity.

    3. Style

    Plain or patterned? Certain carpet tile styles for instance are particularly suitable for hiding stains. It is also worth considering the yarn used if carpet tiles are a consideration, a good example is the new Freedom Carpet Tile Collection from Duraflor (including the popular Bark, Storm ranges) that uses antron® 6.6 nylon with its patented soil resistance technology.

    The same colour throughout your office or various contrasting areas? Here’s where you get to be really creative. You need to choose something that looks professional but isn’t boring, so as long as you keep your lines clean and your colours harmonious, you have plenty of room to experiment. This was also a consideration for the new Freedom range, choosing popular colours, then ensuring they worked across 5 inspiring designs, so a seamless transition could be made to different areas of a floor scheme or whole office plan.

    One enterprising way to use your commercial carpeting to the benefit of your business is to use the style and colour of it to create ‘breakout areas’. We recently wrote an article on great breakout design. Many of our clients have used a great combination of different types of floor, lighting and furniture to create areas for employees to relax, for more inspiration see some of our case studies.

    The Freedom Collection is made up of 5 designs – Bark, Storm, Rainfall, Pavement and Compound.

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