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    Tips to minimising costs in fit-out projects

    December, 2020


    Great design uses existing features to minimise cost

    If you’re working on a commercial interior design project with a tight budget, you may well be wondering how to effectively cut costs without compromising on quality. We have been looking at the key advice given, by a number of great companies, on tips to minimising costs in fit-out projects – in other words how to be creative with a constrained budget.

    Consider installing an open plan office

    It is probably obvious as a design choice, especially as it lends it self to a more agile office set up, but open plan commercial spaces also have cost advantages.  They require less building work and fewer costly materials compared to cellular offices, meaning they are perfect for companies with a modest budget. Getting rid of fixed partitions often encourages effective communication and collaboration between workers, improving the culture of a business and potentially profits – a win, win.

    Work with existing structures rather than completely renovating the building

    One of the costliest elements of a fit-out is restructuring. Many office fit-out experts advise against overhauling the dimensions of the property’s interior and suggest moulding an attractive workspace around existing structures. If you are lucky enough to have the right type of property, exposed beams and incorporating building features can create some of the coolest office environments. Obviously it is important to try to minimise alterations involving air conditioning or plumbing systems, as these can be very costly. It is however worth pointing out lifetime costs and recommending alternative lighting and heating options where they are inefficient.

    Helpful benchmarking

    You may find the report by CBRE a useful benchmark on costs and type of work that falls within the different level of fit-out specifications. It is packed with comparisons across Europe, but also fascinating insights on benefits and costs.

    Select flooring that is affordable and made to last

    Flooring is one of the most important elements of a commercial fit-out, so it is important to carefully consider what kind of floors will be most durable and, therefore, cost-efficient in your building. We wrote a detailed article on choosing the best type of flooring for your commercial space and we are always available to advise further.

    Reach out to Duraflor today

    At Duraflor, we offer some of the highest quality flooring solutions on the commercial market. Whatever your budget, please contact us today about your fit-out requirements and we will do everything in our power to help.

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