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    Trends for Commercial Office Design in 2024

    June, 2024

    The Divergence Of Colour Trends 2024

    For commercial office design in 2024, there is a noticeable shift towards both natural warm colours and conversely vibrant, bold hues. Here’s a detailed overview of the current trends:

    Warm and Natural Colours:

    Warm, natural colours are becoming increasingly popular, particularly shades like “Peach Fuzz,” which is described as a velvety peach tone that exudes warmth and compassion. These hues and lighter wood effect grains are seen as perfect for creating nurturing and welcoming environments in spaces such as waiting rooms and lounges​ (Truline)​. They can equally find their space in commercial offices, adding a resimercial feel.

    Additionally, Oktra state that earthy tones such as terracotta and olive are gaining traction, offering a grounded and organic feel that enhances well-being and foster a connection with nature​. 6330 Natural Terrain Plateau Light Contour is an example from the DURAFLOR range of a natural colour that can be used to create a welcoming environment.

    Vibrant and Bold Colours:

    Conversely, there’s a strong push towards more vibrant and bold colours in commercial spaces. Bright pinks, radiant oranges, and playful lilacs are expected to dominate, bringing personality and energy into office environments. Classic Architectural Group believe that this trend aims to create dynamic and stimulating spaces that boosts creativity and motivation​​. Bold accents like cobalt blue are also becoming popular, providing a lively and elegant touch to commercial interiors​​. Duraflor Progression II and Freedom Storm II carpet tile ranges include striking accent colours. Both containing green and blue colourways.

    Neutral Colours and Minimalist Backdrops:

    Despite the rise of vibrant hues, neutral colours remain a staple in office design. They provide a versatile backdrop that can be complemented with bold accent pieces. Warm neutrals, in particular, promote relaxation and focus, making them ideal for work environments that require a calming influence​ (Office Principles)​. The strategic use of both neutral and vibrant colours allows for a balanced design that caters to various workplace needs and preferences​​.

    Conflicting Trends

    There are some conflicting views on the dominance of colour trends. While some sources highlight a move towards vibrant and bold colours, others emphasise the enduring popularity of neutral and muted palettes. This divergence underscores the importance of context and specific design goals when selecting colour schemes for commercial spaces​.

    Key Takeaways:

    1. Warm and Natural: Shades like peach and terracotta offer warmth and a sense of comfort.

    2. Vibrant and Bold: Bright, energetic colours can create stimulating and dynamic environments.

    3. Neutral and Minimalist: Neutrals provide a calming backdrop that can be accentuated with bold elements.

    In summary, 2024 will see a blend of natural warmth and bold vibrancy in commercial office design, allowing for a versatile and dynamic approach to creating inspiring workspaces.

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