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    How to use flooring to improve your office feng shui

    March, 2018

    Want to know how to improve the energy in your office? Then follow our top feng shui tips to create a space that will get your creative and commercial juices flowing!

    The ancient Chinese art of feng shui posits that we can improve the positive energy in a place by altering the layout of it. Although this principle has traditionally been applied to the home, it can also be put into practice in professional spaces, and commercial flooring can have a big part to play.

    This is because it has a major role in shaping the visual impression of an area. The right choice and placement of flooring can affect the whole aesthetic and essence of a room, which is why we’ve written this article.

    If you’re considering having a play around and trying to build a more positive vibe, here’s what we suggest…

    1: Choosing your materials

    The idea of feng shui might seem a little abstract, but whether you believe in it or not, we’re sure you’ll agree that the vibe of a room can have an impact on productivity and personality. That’s why a lot of it comes down to common sense rather than any slightly silly cosmic principles, such as the sort of materials you should choose. More than anything, this ought to be determined by the location of the flooring and its surroundings. Cold buildings, for example, will benefit from carpet tiles that seek to insulates the area and helps to create a cosiness that’s lacking; wood effect Luxury Vinyl Planks, on the other hand, can help to open up a small, stifling space and create a sense of size and spaciousness even where this doesn’t exist.

    2: Choosing your colours

    Choosing the right flooring materials to create a positive feng shui vibe comes down to little more than common sense, but there is more of an art to selecting uplifting colours that will improve your aesthetic and energy. The best choices are reputed to be earthy options because your flooring represents the foundation of your space and is thus associated with this element. That’s why classical wood tones can work wonders for creating a feeling of light and brightness. The same rule applies to whatever materials you use: keep the shades and tones natural and neutral to create a positive, uplifting energy that will soothe minds and help your employees to leave any distractions at the door.

    3: Choosing your shapes and layout

    Shapes are central to feng shui, as the five elements are believed to express themselves through these. Where you get your shapes and layout right, the effect is to encourage positive energy and increase productivity. The way your flooring is placed is thought to have a significant impact on this, determining where the chi is directed – this means that if you have wood effect vinyl planks, for example, and these terminate in a window or a door, all of these good vibes will exit immediately. Whether you hold any store in such suppositions or not, it’s still true that applying basic feng shui principles can help to enlarge and open up spaces, creating a feeling of light and brightness that’s conducive to positive results in and of itself.

    It is worth a little consideration, no matter what you actually believe.

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