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    Ways to improve your company image

    February, 2020

    Considering all factors.


    Attracting and retaining clients or customers to your business is tough. With so many aspects to consider, many owners miss the finer details that can have a huge impact on the image of their company. Company image and reputation can harm sales figures. We consider a few ‘finer detail points’ that could help when considering ways to improve your company image.

    1. Promote eco-friendly practices
    Whatever sector your business belongs to, there will be ways you can promote environmentally friendly practices. With increased awareness around environmental issues becoming commonplace, many customers and clients are now looking to give their custom to companies that make responsible environmental choices. If your company manufactures products, then using sustainable materials in production can be a way to incorporate this ideology into your company ethos. If you are a retailer, on the other hand, stocking products of this nature can be the way to go. For companies that offer services, however, it can be difficult to find ways to improve your image regarding responsible and sustainable methods. However, using renewable energy suppliers or recyclable materials is an ideal way to incorporate a sense of environmental awareness. Making sure you consider the sustainability aspects of all your furnishings, including flooring also reflects your ethos.

    2. Ensuring your branding is consistently used
    Your company likely has a logo and colour scheme that you want to be easily identifiable and recognisable among your target market. Keeping your colour scheme fonts and voice consistent in your online content and across your social media channels is key to promoting a professional image. Many businesses will take this side of marketing seriously in regards to their online presence but neglect this when adding decor to their company premises. Your office or business premises should reflect your brand, so incorporating the colours and any other identifiable features that relate to your brand should be considered.

    3. Refurnishing your business premises
    If you rely on foot traffic or have customers or clients visit your premises, then you’ll want the space to be inviting. A minimalist approach can make spaces appear cleaner and more inviting, so clearing out any unnecessary junk or furniture can help to do this. Naturally, we believe investing in high-quality commercial flooring can greatly enhance your premises’ appearance.

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