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    What makes LVT a great flooring for restaurant?

    November, 2021

    3 reasons that make LVT a great flooring for restaurants

    Luxury Vinyl Tiling (LVT) is often used in commercial environments, including restaurants. If you have been hired to remodel a restaurant or provide an interior plan for a cafe, LVT may be the flooring solution you are looking for. The reasons are well publicised but worth highlighting.

    Aesthetic appearance

    It pays to ensure that you have an attractive looking floor. For customers, it can  be a cue that determines the quality and hygiene standards of a restaurant. LVT gives you a wide choice of funky or natural effect options – stone or wood being the obvious. However, even the detail grain pattern is a reflection of quality and can determine just how authentic all aspects of a design concept can look . Sizes and how planks are laid should also be part of the decision process, a herringbone effect, short planks, or wide planks all contribute to creating a very different look and feel. See our full LVT range.

    Practical and durable

    In a restaurant, you need a floor that can keep up with frequent footfall. It has to be durable enough to withstand the pull of chair legs and tables, the constant shuffling of feet of waiters rushing from table to table and the foot traffic of customers from close to finish. Flooring options that quickly wear or cannot withstand high-impact are simply not suited to a restaurant environment. This is why LVT is an ideal flooring choice as it doesn’t need replacing as often as other alternatives and it can survive in a restaurant due to its scratch resistant properties.

    Minimal maintenance, maximum hygiene

    Another reason why LVT flooring is ideal for commercial use inside of a restaurant is that it requires minimal maintenance. Flooring in restaurants often experience spills from food and drink, so it is essential to choose a flooring option that doesn’t easily stain. LVT can be easily mopped to remove spillages and does not stain easily, ensuring it retains its high-quality appearance for the long term. LVT is also seen as a strong hygienic alternative to many other coverings and as a consequence its popularity continues to grow.

    For more information on why you should use LVT flooring in a restaurant, feel free to contact our team at Duraflor today.

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