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    Why commercial flooring choices matter

    August, 2019

    Help in making the right commercial flooring choices


    This article looks at the reasons why you need to carefully consider your commercial flooring choices and different aspects which should be thought about to improve its overall effectiveness.

    The floor of your commercial area needs to look great for so many different reasons. The right choice can help to create a good first impression for new clients, can increase employee productivity, and help to define the office space. Depending on the footfall of your office, you also need to make choices about the durability and sustainability of your floor, so commercial carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, and entrance matting should all be key considerations.

    But just as much as the flooring of your commercial area matters, did you know that the design of the flooring is just as important? Performance, morale, mood, efficiency and even sense of personal wellbeing can all be impacted by office design, so it’s essential to get this right. By using flooring to create an area which naturally encourages productivity and teamwork will present a high return on investment, and your business should see these results in their figures.

    Colour and shapes

    One of the most simple ways of using flooring to impact the design of the office is by varying colour in different areas. If different areas of your office are suited to different tasks, then a change in the flooring colour will help to define each area and allow workers to switch to their new task with greater ease. Commercial carpet tiles are a great way to achieve this effect, as different colours can easily be installed together without extra work.

    By researching the psychology of colour and shapes, you can ensure that the colour choices made will help boost the utility of each area. Research has shown that humans inherently link different colours with different moods, and this is something employers can take advantage of. Consider light blue for break-rooms, green for creative spaces and purple for collaborative areas.


    Patterns can be another great way to use commercial flooring designs to help to improve your office’s image and boost productivity. Creative environments always benefit from the unexpected. A break from traditional monochrome and standard shapes will help to increase the creative flow in employees because they can take inspiration from the space around them.

    Equally, meeting rooms should promote the opposite effect and remove potential distractions such as bright colours and unusual patterns. However, this doesn’t mean you should just use dull colours! An extremely effective method is to use slightly varying hues of the same design in your flooring.

    Each commercial space is different, and it’s important to consider how commercial flooring can be fully utilised for your company. When introduced properly, you will see quick results, so why not speak to a specialist today?

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