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    Cleaning Vinyl Flooring – tips and tricks

    August, 2019

    A guide to cleaning vinyl flooring


    A key benefit of vinyl flooring is its ease of maintenance, but the benefits of this can only be felt if the floor is cleaned properly! Here are a few tips and tricks to cleaning vinyl flooring, so it looks fresh and as good as the day it was purchased.

    1. Use entrance matting

    If you can reduce the amount of dirt and dust that is being brought onto your vinyl floor, then you reduce the amount you have to clean later. Commercial entrance matting is an obvious solution, ensuring that any loose particles are removed from shoes before being tracked into the office. This ensures all stones and other materials are quickly removed, and that nothing will scratch or damage the vinyl surface.

    2. Regular cleaning

    If you remove dirt and dust that builds up on a daily basis, then you can ensure that it won’t get ground into the material through constant foot traffic. Daily dust mopping or using a soft broom to collect all the foreign materials will allow your vinyl to last longer, and presents an efficient way of keeping your vinyl flooring looking new for as long as possible.

    3. Use low-impact techniques

    Rather than automatically using heavy-duty cleaners which blast dirt away with force, it’s best to consider low-impact techniques to ensure the longevity of your vinyl floor.

    Daily dust mopping is highly recommended to remove dirt. It may also be necessary to clean the tile by using a damp mop or auto scrubber. If cleaning with a damp mop, you should use a neutral pH cleaner. If using an auto scrubber, the Red 3M pad is recommended. 

    4. Use protective feet on your office furniture

    Heavy office furniture, including desks and chairs which have to hold weights such as computers and people, may damage or dent your vinyl flooring. This is especially true of furniture that stays in the same place. These dents can be prevented by fitting all of your office furniture with specially designed floor protectors. Often inexpensive, they can really help your vinyl flooring to last longer.

    5. If discolouration occurs

    It i s important to wipe immediately with a paper towel or cloth. If spots have already dried, they might be removed using a plastic scraper. The area should then be washed with diluted cleaning agent using a damp cloth or sponge. 

    If obstinate spots remain remove with a firm nylon sponge. Should the spot still remain, moisten a cloth with clear odourless mineral spirits and rub with circular movements over the whole area. Always test in an inconspicuous area to check for compatibility of the mineral spirits and flooring 

    6. General notes

    Always clean your vinyl floor regularly, and ensure that the cleaning equipment you use is also clean. Clean up any spills immediately, and when using cleaning products, never mix products from different manufacturers, as they may not be compatible. One final tip for you – always follow the manufacturers’ recommendations!

    For more details take a look at our cleaning and maintenance guides for LVT and Safety Flooring.

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