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    Why we use antron® yarn

    January, 2019

    Why have we used antron® 6.6 yarn in our Freedom Collection? It’s because we know that carpets made using this quality material are especially durable and easy to clean, and in the Freedom Collection, we are offering you designs that we know you will want to stand the test of time.

    Here are three key points to note when it comes to using antron fibres and that are especially applicable to antron® 6.6.

    1. Longer lasting

    When creating office designs, you want them to last a long time. The more frequently you have to replace them, the less value that the commercial flooring is for your business. Antron® yarn is expected to last 75% longer than other flooring options. This means that costs are reduced. Using antron® 6.6 and combining it with a Heavyweave™ structure, means Duraflor can offer its longest ever guarantee – 20 years for products in the Freedom Collection.

    Part of the success of carpets made with antron® yarn is their ability to resist heat and deformation. In addition, the carpet will not be compressed as much by foot traffic in your office. By the way it protects itself, antron® yarn can retain texture much better than nylon carpet options.

    2. Soil resistant

    At home, people might take their shoes off, but in commercial premises, shoes are rarely removed. This can often means that debris from the outside can be brought into the office space and left on carpets and commercial flooring around the building. For some carpets, this can be very damaging and it doesn’t look very good to visitors on the site.

    Carpets made from antron® fibre do a better job of hiding soil, sand and other small debris bought into your building from outside. At the same time, antron® fibre can also be easier to clean. Therefore, maintenance and cleaning will take up less time.

    3. Stain resistance

    Commercial flooring can take a lot of punishment. Another one of the most common problems that business owners have is spills on their flooring. Commercial carpets are very prone to coffee and tea stains. And, with more workers now eating lunch at their desk to complete work during breaks, the risk of food spillage is high. Stains on the floor don’t look good and are unhygienic.

    However, antron® fibre is less permeable than other fibres used to create commercial flooring. This makes this material up to ten times better at resisting stains.

    All this offers you a better return on investment when designing your commercial space. We especially wanted our Freedom Range of Pavement, Storm, Bark, Rainfall, and Compound to stand the test of time, as we know that these designs will be popular as much in the future as they are now.

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