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    Hospital and Healthcare Flooring – Antibacterial, Safe & Durable


    Developed to meet the most demanding requirements, Duragrip is widely used as a hospital and healthcare flooring solution. It is used by care homes, schools, food-processing areas and in other flooring applications where safety, hygiene and durability are paramount.

    Hospitals and healthcare establishments place particular emphasis on Duragrip’s anti-bacterial and fungistatic treatment.

    The flooring is stain resistant and can stand extreme temperatures and physical wear and tear. That said, it is important is also looks good – a classic subtle colour palette makes Duragrip a popular choice for a wide range of locations, including social housing projects. The high vinyl content makes Duragrip flexible and easier to install, so your projects can be completed quickly and cost-effectively.

    • Hygienic – due to Duragrip’s antibacterial and fungistatic treatment
    • Duragrip is a slip resistant floor covering, RRL Pendulum Test (wet) > 36 DIN 51130 – R10
    • Longer life – Duragrip is produced from 100% PVC (no fillers) for superior performance
    • Easy to maintain – non-porous surface of pure vinyl ensures easier cleaning
    • Colours – strong, yet classic colour clarity to complement modern interiors

    We also suggest that you take a look at our Resolute range another hospitals and healthcare flooring solution from Duraflor – a very different design style but guaranteed to ensure that floors are as hygienically clean as possible.


    • Size

    • Width of rolls 2m
      Length of rolls 20m

    • Total Thickness

    • 2.0mm

    • Total Weight

    • 2,700g/m2

    • Wearlayer Thickness

    • 0.7mm

    • Guarantee

    • 12 years