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    Part of the Duraflor range of barrier tiles designed to reduce soiling and help you maintain attractive interiors. Barrier tiles are constructed for high performance and longer life in heavy traffic areas such as entrances and corridors.

    Frontline is available in an attractive linear design, which incorporates scraper fibres. Ideal for matwells, foyers and circulation areas, the fibre and construction of Frontline is designed to dramatically reduce wear and soiling on all internal floor areas. It can be butted up against carpet tiles without the need for a trim, making it easy to install.

    • Reduces Soiling – incorporates a scraper fibre that effectively scrapes soiling from shoes, and reduces ‘walked in’ dirt
    • Longer Life – designed to give excellent performance in heavy traffic areas such as entrance halls and corridors
    • Enhance Interiors – attractive linear design that complements modern interiors
    • Easy to install – butts up against carpet tiles without the need for a trim


    • Tile Size

    • 500 x 500mm

    • Pile Weight

    • 740g/m2

    • Total Thickness

    • 7.2mm

    • Guarantee

    • 12 years