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    Part of the Duraflor range of barrier tiles designed to reduce soiling and help you maintain attractive interiors. Barrier tiles are constructed for high performance and longer life in heavy traffic areas such as entrances and corridors.

    The rugged diagonal rib design of Robust both hides soiling effectively and provides a dramatic patterned visual appeal in high traffic areas. Robust is ideally suited for use in demanding locations such as entrance lobbies, trade counters and locker rooms and has an impressive track record of use in schools, hostels and industrial units.

    The polypropylene fibre is extremely tough, stain resistant and permanently anti-static. It is available in 4 popular designs making it a natural choice to transition well with many of our carpet tile ranges.

    • Reduces Soiling – designed to take moisture and dirt off foot traffic
    • Attractive Pattern – attractive ribbed pattern in popular colours
    • Increases safety – reducing ‘walked in’ moisture reduces the risk of slips and trips
    • Longer Life – designed to give excellent performance in heavy traffic areas such as entrance halls and corridors


    • Tile Size

    • 500 x 500mm

    • Pile Weight

    • 1,150g/m2

    • Total Thickness

    • 9.5mm

    • Total Weight

    • 4,400g/m2

    • Guarantee

    • 10 years