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    2019 Colour Trends and how it transforms an office

    March, 2019

    The impact of colour on your office is far greater than you might have imagined. We look at key colour trends in 2019 and how you can use them to inspire and energise your staff.

    The key colour trends of 2019 champion fun and creativity. They also feature lots of natural inspiration, which can add sophistication, calmness and wide appeal. As we understand more about colour psychology and workplace wellbeing, the importance of excellent office design becomes evident.

    The colour of the tear – Living Coral

    Colour experts Pantone have chosen ‘Living Coral’ as the colour of the year for 2019. This bright and cheerful colour is bold and modern, with a positive and energising effect. Though this colour may be a little too bold for your commercial flooring, touches of living coral can make your office seem vibrant, contemporary and on trend. Colours that work well with this vibrant shade include grey, navy and yellow, which can be used to create a contemporary, high-end office look.

    Fun in the office

    The playful and ebullient shade of the year also ties in with the recent shift in office design towards more fun and interactive office spaces. Recent research looking at fun in the office has shown that creating a bright and inspiring office can have an incredible impact on your employees. Bold shades like electric blue and ultraviolet can provide a fun and creative environment that boosts your employees’ mood and focus. If bright, primary colours don’t fit with your company’s aesthetic, then this colour scheme is also perfect for break rooms and social spaces.

    Natural inspiration

    Another big colour trend in 2019 is colours which are found in the natural world, like sage green, olive and sand. Biophilia – the connection between humans and nature – remains a huge design trend and it can also have a great impact on your employees’ mood. Green is obviously one of the most popular ways to introduce natural inspiration into your office space. Green can have a calming effect on workers and touches of green like plants, carpet tiles and sofas are perfect for a stressful work environment. Wood effect vinyl flooring is another great way to bring the appearance of the natural world into your office space. Wood effect vinyl flooring is a cost-effective and durable solution, perfect for channelling 2019’s love of nature, while offering a easy to maintain and sustainable solution.

    Vibrant and energising colours

    Offices in the past have been thought of as bland, neutral and dull, with the corporate colour palette rarely straying from a shade of grey. However, these colours are some of the worst for inspiring your employees and creating a buzzing workplace. Though these colours do have mass appeal, forward-thinking office spaces are combining colour and corporate design with some incredible results. Colour can also have a positive impact on your team’s focus and energy levels. Creating a bright and fun office environment has been shown to increase workers’ happiness, productivity and focus too. Bold commercial flooring with shades like pineapple, cayenne and comfrey is growing in popularity, with office designers being more daring when creating the perfect floor scheme.

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