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    6 essential considerations when purchasing office carpet tiles

    May, 2019

    Carpet tiles are an excellent flooring option for any office, thanks to their ability to provide insulation, absorb noise, and their ease of maintenance. The main considerations are highlighted below.


    Commercial flooring should be able to withstand the demands of a business, a Class 33 rating is for heavy commercial use and Class 32 moderate commercial use. The standard specifies that the flooring product will serve at least 10 years without presenting problems if used in the designated room type, providing that the floor has been installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and is used and maintained as prescribed. When looking for durable commercial carpet tiles, it is important to consider where they will be placed, and the amount of traffic they will see.

    Impact on health and well-being

    Full-time office workers spend a large portion of their week in the office, so your design needs to prioritise their health needs. In addition to circumstance that might demand additional noise reduction properties, and extra comfort under foot, it is worth considering how different materials might help mitigate allergies. Nylon carpets tile resist dirt, moisture and mildew, this can make it a good flooring option for some allergy sufferers especially, if you choose a quality yarn such as Antron® 6.6 found in our Freedom Ranges of which Freedom Bark is a great example. The minute scales on the fibre’s surface will hold airborne particles until vacuumed, which helps to improve indoor air quality..


    Maintenance is key, particularly if the building you are fitting out doesn’t come with facilities management. Clients are busy people and most will not want to have to spend time and money considering maintenance for niche carpet materials. Carpet tiles are easy to maintain but some will have greater soil hiding properties than others, and can even incorporate technology that helps ensure cleaning is easier, again Antron® 6.6 is a good example.


    Choosing a style (or design) for commercial carpet tiles is a key considerations, as it is this which will communicate a company’s brand, ethos and its corporate culture. Does the client want their environment to be welcoming and warm or energetic and vibrant? We offer a range of popular design to choose from. Design can also involves choices around sustainability. Some great example of a carpet tile ranges that incorporates a modern style with significant sustainability credentials are our previously mentioned Freedom Collection and also our new Cubism range.


    This feature is yet another critical factor when purchasing carpet tiles. Colour doesn’t just help represent a brand but it can also be utilised to influence the psychology of the workers. Bright colours such as yellow and green promote optimism and energy, while cooler tones such as blue promote calmness. You may even choose to use different colours to demarcate areas of the layout for specific uses, or to encourage traffic flow.


    Budgetary constraints will clearly play a primary role in choosing carpet tiles for a fit out. We offer a wide range to suit all budgets. It is worth noting however, the cost of your choice of flooring material should be weighed up against ease of maintenance and life expectancy; cheapest is not necessarily the most cost-effective in the long run.

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