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    A vibrant floorspace can increase morale

    November, 2019

    How a vibrant floorspace can increase team morale

    Interior design is a great way to subconsciously influence people’s frame of mind at work. One of the most underrated ways of doing so is through the floorspace! More often than not, decorators view your flooring as something to be sidelined or not thought about; in actuality, the floor is a great tool to take advantage of. Read on to find out how you can use colour, shapes and current trends to encourage your employees to work harder – without them realising!


    Colour psychology is an important part of interior design and then, by extension, how you plan for your flooring! For example, blue is generally received to be a colour to relax and soothe the brain, making it an ideal colour to use if your work environment is often stressful and high-energy. Contrasting this, if the office is often laid-back, then consider choosing a high-intensity warm colour carpet such as red, orange, or yellow, as this will stimulate the mind into working hard. For tranquillity, choose a green carpet or neutral tones, as this mimics the natural environment. If this point interests you, consider our blog post How to bring nature into the office.


    More and more contemporary office spaces are utilising shapes to lift their flooring. Whether it be neat, sharp multi-tonal square tiles, carpet planks carefully arranged or hexagon carpet tiles, the geometry trend is a great one to introduce an element of fun and quirkiness to an office that otherwise could feel mundane or uninspired. Using a funky floorplan can inspire upbeat personalities to shine. If this sounds like something you’d like to incorporate into your floorplan, it is worth considering Duraflor’s Hexxtile range.


    If an office feels contemporary and on-trend, then employees will naturally feel better about working in it.  We already mentioned in our latest blog how flooring can help employee retention. An organisation that shows attention to detail in its choice of office design, even down to choosing the right flooring, could potentially inspire employees to take a similar view to the work they produce. Here are a few examples of we found of very inspiring offices, of course you can still achieve so much, just by getting the simple things right.

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