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    Interior designers working from home

    April, 2020


    Practical Tips for Interior Designers working from home


    If you’re a designer who has suddenly found themselves working from home, the tips below might help you to stay productive, creatively focused and happy!

    Many interior designers are suddenly being forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home poses a unique set of problems for designers, who often have to physically study and analyse a building as part of their design process. If you’re a designer who feels their creative skills are being limited by working from home, this may help…

    1. Commute to work and set regular hours

    Your job was probably rarely  9-5, as it often revolved around deadlines and client meetings. For this reason, you may be struggling to make yourself productive at different times of the day and find yourself working well into an evening. It is however recognised as important to wake up at the same time every day and to ensure you get into a new routine whilst working remotely. One thing that might help is the idea of commuting to work. Before starting leave the house and take a longish walk then enter the house as if you were entering work, then at the end of the day repeat the exercise as part of a returning home routine. The could help you both focus and relax.

    2. Keep busy

    Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, you have found many clients have cancelled your services or postponed office renovation work. You should, however, see this as an opportunity to get ahead of your work once the pandemic restrictions have been lifted. During this time you can start to consider design solutions that may appeal to clients in a post-pandemic world. For example, you may wish to begin creating a mood board of commercial flooring solutions, such as vinyl flooring, that is easy to clean and sanitise.

    3. Scout for new clients

    If you live in an area with many businesses, you can purposefully choose to walk or jog past these places to look for new clients. If you do not live near any businesses you could dedicate time to researching businesses online and start making a list of potential new clients.

    4. Personal Development

    Many manufacturers and commercial interior suppliers are offering CPD or product trend training, something which Duraflor themselves are currently offering. There has probably never been a better time to gain a much greater understanding of products and trends out there. Call us on 01592 630030 or use our contact form, if you would like us to present key trends and insights to flooring and the flooring market – we can certainly make some great use of your time and will get straight back to you.

    4. Create a dedicated workstation

    As you sit and create beautiful work and office spaces for your clients, it is important you do not neglect yourself. Sitting and working from a bed has been proven to have a negative effect on an individual’s mental health, as it blurs the lines between relaxation and work. Instead, make yourself a dedicated workstation (if you don’t have an office, a kitchen table will work) and ensure you add features that will help you feel more productive and happy, for example, a plant or item you might have on your desk at work. For more general tips take a look at this website.

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