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    Changes in commercial office design

    December, 2019

    Millennials driving changes in commercial office design


    It’s true to say that commercial layouts have changed beyond all recognition in the past few years, and much of this is down to the influence millennials are having in driving changes in commercial office design.

    A decade ago, bland, uninspiring office layouts with banks of desks or cubicles were the norm; but that’s no longer the case. Loads of light, strategic use of colour, biophilic designs, breakout areas, in-office lounge areas, quiet workspaces, and collaboration zones are fairly commonplace for modern office layouts. So much so that new hires for 2020 might even reject a great job, if the workplace environment doesn’t meet their needs.

    2020 commercial layout trends

    There are lots of ways to upgrade offices and workspaces of any size, and this doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.

    Monochromatic colours and pops of colour make a bold statement

    Many organisations are making use of monochromatic expression within their office layouts. Although monochrome means use of just one colour, these layouts are anything but boring. Different shades of the same colour create an explosive palette which embraces different tones, hues, and textures.

    What’s more, designers are unafraid to experiment with bold colours in this day and age. Whether its lemon and mustard, paprika tones and fuschia pinks or greys mingled with blues and blacks, using pops of colour is one of the key changes in commercial office design we are seeing and is definitely popular with employees and clients.

    Biophilic design for enhanced wellbeing

    The trend towards integrating the natural world into office layouts has been popular for some years, and this won’t change through 2020. Making the most of daylight, combining lots of plants into office designs, and using flooring materials that are inspired by nature all combine to create office layouts that promote wellbeing.

    Wood and laminate floors aren’t always the best choice for offices, and many people prefer the warmth and comfort offered by carpet tiles. It’s still possible to create a natural appearance within offices using carpet tiles.  Examples of this is the Freedom Bark range, or Natural Terrain Collection.

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