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    Choosing flooring for a restaurant

    January, 2021


    Choosing the right flooring for a restaurant

    Choosing the right flooring for a restaurant is a vital consideration, as it makes a statement about the image, that the venue wants to portray to its customers.

    If you are looking at restaurant flooring options for a refit or a new restaurant, there are a number of things to consider, like design, durability and health and safety.



    The interior design of a restaurant is so important, and the floor is a big part of that. Luxury vinyl floor tiles are a great way to create a stylish ambience and introduce a natural texture to your space too. When choosing the best floor for your restaurant fit-out, it is obvious to pick a colour that complements or coordinates with the wall colour and interior furnishings, but you could even consider staff uniforms, as attention to detail counts to patrons. And, when it comes to safety flooring for different areas of the restaurant, you also don’t need to compromise on design; our Cienna Collection is a perfect example of this.


    Because of the high footfall in busy restaurants you need to choose a type of restaurant flooring that is durable. Restaurant floors will be walked on by all kinds of shoes, so you don’t want a floor that will be damaged by high heels. In other words, you need a floor that won’t age and look damaged and worn, so it is worth considering a high-performance and easy to maintain option like heavy-duty vinyl flooring. Look for a floor with PU coating to reduce scratches and scuffs and an option with a commercial wear guarantee of around 10 years.

    Health and safety

    Health and safety concerns are so important when it comes to choosing a floor for a restaurant. An obvious consideration is a  non-slip solution that is easy to keep clean. You could also choose a more hygienic floor, which has had anti-bacterial and fungistatic treatments or a chemical-resistant floor that can be cleaned regularly. It is worth considering entrance matting by the doors or in the waiting area, to let people wipe their feet and reduce the risk of slipping. Flooring can also be used to mark out different areas to help customers navigate a restaurant.

    The right flooring for a restaurant by area

    The above applies to all the different areas of a restaurant but naturally some flooring is more suited to different areas. A waiting area for instance, while it could be LVT may also be better suited to Carpet Tiles, as this can promote a warm and comfortable welcoming aspect to the business.  However, for restrooms and kitchens, vinyl safety flooring is the obvious choice. The dinning area needs to be focussed on creating the right ambiance, as well as practicalities of cleaning, life time cost, accessibility and health and safety – often making LVT a popular choice.

    At Duraflor we offer a comprehensive range that includes Carpet Tiles, LVT and Safety Flooring and our team of flooring experts are available to discuss your needs and advise on the best combination. Call is on 01592 630030 to discuss your project in more detail.


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