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    Reception design – first impression

    January, 2021

    Make an impression with office reception designs

    The first time you step into an office’s reception you’ll learn a lot about the firm it serves. From layout and lighting to the kind of furnishings selected, individual design elements can create visual clues for clients, indicating what a business’s brand stands for and build an image in their minds. While every detail is a factor in creating that lasting impression, the three main surfaces of any meet and greet area should always be front and centre when fashioning the look and feel you wish to achieve.

    Looking up – utilising the ceiling as a canvas to create the right image 

    How high ceilings are in an office reception can keep them cool and airy or make them feel homely and welcoming. A reception no longer needs to be bound by dull grey ceiling tiles with a wide range of colours and finishes readily available. Inset spots are ideal for a minimal look while ornate suspended lighting solutions can fast become a feature. Using exposed pipework can create an industrial look and give a highly modern feel to an organisation. One suggestion for minimising costs on design projects can be to use existing structural elements and make features of them, that can include pipework and beams when they can add character.

    Walls – the natural blank canvas

    At eye level, the walls of any reception are an integral point of contact for incoming clientele. Clean empty walls with flat colour will create a space while patterns and pictures can make a more intimate impression. Exposed piping and brick can build a raw look but to keep styles polished and professional, glossy walls finished with media players can be an ideal fit. Obviously walls present an opportunity to brand and of course there is a lot to be said around colour psychology. Having a feature wall behind a reception desk can make an organisation seem more inviting and provide the right level of focus.

    Flooring – the often forgotten canvas

    Just like the walls of a reception, the floorspace covers a large area of the room. In clear view of visiting clients, its importance should never be underestimated. Enterprises experiencing significant footfall in their receptions must consider durability and the ability to ensure floors always looks immaculate. We provide detailed cleaning and maintenance suggestions on all of our product pages.

    Additionally, entrance matting options from Duraflor offer robust protection against heavy traffic. Presented in pristine aluminium, ENTRAGUARD protects the freshness of other flooring with an innovative wiper system while CHECKPOINT creates a cleaner environment in receptions by absorbing unwanted moisture from outdoors.

    Looking for inspiration

    This link takes you to 55 Inspirational Office Receptions that may help you decide on the look you are trying to achieve. It really is all about the perfect combination of walling, ceiling and flooring that create the perfect canvas for the furnishings and fixtures. We can offer carpet tiles and luxury vinyl flooring inspired by nature or the urban environment – so whatever look you are trying to achieve we are sure we can help. Call us today on 01592 630 030.

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