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    Why vinyl flooring for commercial spaces

    August, 2019

    The advantage of vinyl flooring in commercial spaces


    This article looks at vinyl flooring, considers all of its advantages and shows how effective it could be when used as your commercial flooring solution.

    When installed correctly, vinyl floors look amazing. Designed to replicate a large number of different styles, you can get the aesthetic appeal of something luxurious at a fraction of the price.

    Vinyl flooring can be used to mimic wood, natural stone and tiles, all in a variety of colours and patterns, all while allowing durability and easy maintenance – something which appeals to a large number of commercial users. For more detail on different types of commercial flooring see our blog on the subject.

    Some of the main benefits of vinyl flooring are:

    1. Choice of design and type

    Designs and manufacture have come a long way since vinyl first appeared on the scene. Vinyl flooring comes primarily in three sizes. Vinyl sheeting is a modern variation of old linoleum, and allows for texture in your flooring, with ease of installation. The fact sheet vinyl can be installed in just one or two solid unbroken pieces means it is a better barrier to moisture, which is why in areas where moisture is a regular occurrence it is often chosen over planks and tiles.

    Vinyl tiles enable you to make a pattern on your floor area, or create a more natural look. Vinyl planks mimic hardwood planks and come in a range of lengths and widths – small herringbone pieces for example enable you to recreate a traditional floor style that is still very much on trend.

    2. Durability and sustainability

    Vinyl flooring is extremely durable. There are a number of coating options you can choose to help increase scuff and mark protection, but vinyl is usually resistant enough in areas of normal foot traffic. We recommend looking at the specification and ensuring that it is Class 33 for commercial use (EN649/33). We also recommend that it has a minimum R10 Slip Rating.

    One extra advantage of vinyl tiles and planks is the ability to change certain areas of the floor without needing to replace the whole area, so is a great option for busy offices and a cost saving option in the long run. For even speedier installation and ability to change flooring, looselay (such as Axis) is the perfect solution. Another advantage is that vinyl has become a more sustainable option, usually containing a high proportion of recycled material.

    4. Ease of maintenance and installation

    One key advantage of vinyl over its fabric counterparts is its ease of cleaning. Vinyl resists liquid, so any spillages or drops can quickly be mopped up, and they won’t sink into the material and leave a stain. Dust and dirt can easily be cleaned from vinyl flooring too, which makes it ideal for areas which need to maintain high hygiene standards. For more details on how easy it is to maintain vinyl flooring read our article on the subject.

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