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    Commercial flooring trends 2021

    August, 2021

    Our Customers Predicted The Commercial Flooring Trends


    With more employees starting to return to the office, it’s understandable that companies are looking to redesign or freshen up their commercial spaces to reflect changing attitudes. A survey we did at the start of year, when our customers predicted an increase in vinyl flooring sales, has proven to be correct with many recent research reports also predicting stronger growth in commercial vinyl flooring, and significant developments in the field of sustainability, unique textures, and also greater authenticity.

    Commercial flooring trends the popularity of vinyl flooring

    Ensuring that you have a clean and safe commercial space will continue to be a very important trend as we move out of 2021. Vinyl is synonymous with durability, it’s low-maintenance, water-resistant, cost-effective, and long-lasting. Among the convincing wood-like finishes (with distressed proving popular), you’ll also find a variety of stone and marble effects (slate has been a hot trend since 2019). In fact a number of manufacturer report the stone look is still very much in vogue. There is also a number of articles that reference the calming effect that grey has in both a domestic and commercial environment. While others talk about the fact Grey LVT works well with even the most vibrant of wall colours, creating a professional finish.

    LVT tiles are just what you need to give your commercial office space a high level of luxury. Plus LVT flooring is especially ideal for high levels of foot traffic. Not only will visitors be taken in by the warming and welcoming appearance of your office, but your cleaning staff will also thank you at the end of the day. Another benefit to LVT and something which is very much on trend is the ability to mix tile designs, and the continued emergence of short planks with wider pieces that create an easy to install but highly effective herringbone effect.

    For more expert guidance on commercial office flooring, contact our team at Duraflor.

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