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    Commercial Restaurant Design

    July, 2021

    Key Trends in Commercial Restaurant Design


    When it comes to commercial interior design, it’s essential to start from the ground up. Your flooring designs can significantly impact your restaurant’s overall finish and look, so it’s vital to consider your options carefully.

    Why is commercial flooring important for restaurants?

    Flooring sets the tone for your restaurant, giving the base colour and texture that informs the rest of your decor. In the hospitality industry, this is vital as it can distinguish between a sophisticated fine dining restaurant and a more casual, fun-loving bar.

    Beyond aesthetics, commercial flooring is essential for the health and safety of your employees. According to the Health and Safety Executive, of the 693,000 self-reported non-fatal injuries in the workplace between 2019-2020, 29% of them were slips, falls, or trips. To minimise this risk in your establishment, you should ideally have slip-resistant protection.

    1. A natural look

    That’s right, those light oaks and darker mahoganies are back in fashion. According to style-guru Sina Sadeghpour, wooden flooring and decor are fantastic ways to bring the outside in, creating a cosy atmosphere for your guests. Plus, their neutral tones are more versatile, allowing you to switch up your decor over time.

    However, wooden flooring can be expensive and difficult to maintain with heavy foot traffic, so we recommend considering wood-effect luxury vinyl tiles. They offer the same natural beauty but in an easy-to-clean, non-slip material that’s perfect for a restaurant.

    2. It’s all about the entrance

    First impressions matter, even when it comes to restaurants. Give your guests the wow factor with a stunning entranceway for your restaurant, using commercial carpets and carpet tiling to evoke a sense of home and relaxation. You can even protect the rest of your restaurant’s flooring with a robust and durable entrance mat.

    3. The kitchen should look as good as the restaurant

    Many restaurants are opting for a more open plan nowadays. Rather than hiding the kitchen in the back, designers are looking to feature the kitchen as part of the restaurant, allowing guests to see their chef freshly prepare their food and curate a more open, roomier feel to the unit.

    This design trend means you need to ensure your restaurant flooring is as chic and on-brand as your main floor. You can keep the same flooring throughout or use a solid contrasting colour to draw attention to the kitchen feature.

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