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    Commercial office kitchen flooring

    September, 2020

    Commercial Office Kitchen Flooring – Key Considerations

    With any kitchen flooring there are 3 main considerations hygiene, durability and anti-slip properties. With a commercial office kitchen flooring that consideration also includes aesthetics. We take a look at the products that fit the bill.

    Health and Hygiene
    Keeping any food preparation area clean and hygienic is of paramount importance. It is wise to select flooring which comes with a hygienic antibacterial coating and fungistatic treatment. Duraflor’s Duragrip is coated with a fungistatic and anti-bacterial treatment and has a Topguard PUR coated surface, making it easy to maintain. The same is true of our Resolute range. Both these ranges not only work well in commercial kitchens they were designed to meet the hygiene standards demanded from a busy hospital environment.

    All our safety flooring ranges are designed for heavy traffic environments, with a 0.7mm wear-layer. They also as part of their durability credentials have excellent life-cycle costs and are 100% recycled, as well having an impressive amount of recycled-content. Guarantees range from 10-12 years in heavy commercial wear environments.

    Kitchens are notorious for being the scenes of trips and falls. It is essential to select flooring with good anti-slip qualities, when looking for commercial office kitchen flooring.

    Our most impressive range is our Cienna Range with an R11 slip rating and PTV 36+ (Pendulum Test).  The other things to note about Cienna is its impressive durability, and as with Resolute and Duragrip it has a high quality PUR treatment to ensure important hygiene standards are met. We especially however like the depth of this range and how well it blends with classic LVT and carpet tiles used in other areas of the office environment.

    Both Resolute and Duragrip Safety Flooring have excellent anti-slip qualities (R10 slip rating and RRL Pendulum Test (wet) – > 36).

    We are confident that when it comes to finding a flooring solution for busy commercial kitchen environments, we have all the bases covered. From the beauty of natural wood and stone effects found in our Cienna range to more traditional speckled designs in both our Resolute and Duragrip ranges, you don’t need to compromise on aesthetics when it comes to finding a hygienic, safe and durable choice.

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