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    How to balance functionality and aesthetics in office design

    August, 2021

    Functionality and aesthetics in office design

    It can be hard to get the balance right between functional design and great aesthetics, especially in a workplace. Here are just a few thoughts that might help.

    Functionality versus great design

    To properly design an office space, you need to know how the space is going to be used. Obviously. think about practical considerations like cleaning and maintenance, but you could also look to make certain spaces potentially more unique. It is worth considering which areas are customer-facing, which areas staff are most exposed to, and which areas are used less.

    Think about the first impression of an office and what the space says to potential new employees or important clients. Consider areas of heavy footfall, and how imaginative heavy duty contract flooring can be used, in areas that are seen most frequently. A great example of being creative with flooring, and selecting the best type of floor covering for each area is shown in this case study.

    The same goes for investing in furniture that will last, and considering visitors first impressions, as well as staff comfort. It is proven, an aesthetically pleasing office design increases morale and subsequently productivity in an office. There is however another debate on practical design versus aesthetics, not something you have to worry about with Carpet Tiles or Luxury Vinyl Tiles from Duraflor, but a key consideration when choosing the right furniture or designing the layout of a room.

    Creative touches

    No matter how heavy-duty the office space needs to be, there is always room for creative touches, like artwork from local artists or a chill-out space staff can use on their breaks. Consider feature walls in brand colours or an international background you can incorporate with bold prints. If the office is in a unique location, try and showcase it, with exposed brickwork for industrial spaces or large open windows to flood the office with natural light and make the most of the view. Functionality and aesthetics in office design don’t need to be at odds they just need practical imagination.

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