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    The benefits of LVT

    October, 2021

    The many benefits of LVT

    Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is more than ever a logical choice when it comes to commercial spaces. It’s a hardwearing option that will look brand new for years, with a simple maintenance regime. Resembling hardwood or stone (depending on your design preferences), the commercial space you’re designing will be decked out with a durable flooring option that it easier to install and maintain than the more natural alternatives.


    When it comes to durability, LVT is one of the best materials on the market. It shapes up well against the stresses of everyday commercial life. It is made of PVC-based materials and will often have a longer warranty than laminate, which comprises of compressed high density fibre boards. Because LVT is PVC based it is also waterproof as a material. A tough wear layer makes LVT resistant to scratches and indents. Our AXIS LVT range and our Espressa LVT range, which are looselay so easier to install both come with a 0.7mm wearlayer which is the ideal for an area with heavy foot traffic.


    When running a commercial business, time is money, so even having a floor that is easy to maintain has its own financial benefits and is a key criteria for selection. A brush and a mop as part of a normal cleaning routine are primarily all that is needed. There are a  few tips, but beyond that it couldn’t be simpler – if using a damp mop it is important to use a pH neutral cleaner and make sure staff remove stains when they happen.


    When a customer walks into the space, the look of the office is one of the first things that they take in. This includes the floor. Given how realistic LVT looks when trying to achieve a stone or wood environment and given the factors mentioned above, LVT is bound to generate a positive and professional atmosphere. We have 3 LVT ranges, that are a comprehensive set of wood and stone colours, that look especially authentic – take a look at our Momenta range to see the benefits of LVT in action, when it comes to design.


    LVT is a natural choice when it comes to choosing a hygienic option, in fact when we surveyed our customers in 2020 they very clearly identified the continued growth would be positively impacted by the pandemic.


    For more information on our ranges and how we can help with a project, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Duraflor today. We’d be delighted to send you LVT samples.

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