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    3 reasons why your business needs specialist entrance matting

    August, 2021


    Why your business needs specialist entrance matting


    There are some very practical reasons why we recommend a specialist entrance matting system and barrier tiles for your business.

    The entrance is the very first thing both your employees and your clients will see when they walk through the door, so it is important to pick the right flooring. Here are some of the main reasons for our recommendations.

    Increases safety

    According to a study by the Health and Safety Authority  1 in 5 slip victims are non-workers. If an incident like this happens on your premises, it could cost your business a lot of money in legal fees.

    Slips like these can be caused as a result of moisture entering the entrance of the building from the outside. Specialist entrance matting reduces the amount of ‘walked-in’ moisture by soaking up any moisture that people bring in on their shoes, dramatically reducing the risks of slips and falls.

    Reduces soiling

    As the entrance to your building is the first thing customers will see when they walk in the door, they may be put off by dirty floors caused by foot traffic.

    Specialist entrance matting will stop dirt and moisture from entering the building and messing up the floor. Customers and employees can use this matting to wipe their feet before. Not only will this make your building look much more professional and clean, but it will also reduce cleaning costs and is another way to increase the longevity of your main floor covering.

    Looks attractive

    The entrance is where first impressions about your business will be made, so you should take some time to think about the flooring. Specialist entrance matting can make an entrance look smart, professional and attractive. Not only will this welcome customers into your building, but it will also highlight how professional and smart your company is.

    We recommend using our easy to install Entraguard Matting System at the entrance doorway, then one our barrier tile ranges before transitioning to the carpet tiles or vinyl floor covering of your choice. That way the floor covering you choose for the rest of the building, should also stay looking attractive at all times.

    Install specialist entrance matting today

    Entrance matting is often overlooked when it comes to office fit-outs. However, it is actually very important, and you should take some time to consider the right entrance matting for you. If you need help the team at Duraflor will be happy to discuss ideas.

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