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    Best flooring for restaurants

    September, 2019

    Identify the best flooring for restaurants


    The best flooring materials suitable for a restaurant include vinyl sheets, carpet tiles, and vinyl tiles. Here, we explore these materials in more detail. There are multiple things to consider as the floor must be appealing to target customers, whilst being safe and practical.

    1. Vinyl Sheets

    There are different types of vinyl sheets available and each should be considered for their durability, safety properties (slip resistance), and stain resistance. Vinyl sheets have the lowest porosity compared to other materials which makes them easy to clean. The characteristics of vinyl make it suitable for dining areas and commercial bathrooms and especially relevant for kitchens. A key consideration for choosing vinyl sheets for kitchens is there are less joints (with it usually being purchased in 2m rolls). Vinyl can last for over twenty years if well maintained. Many safety vinyl floors contain anti-microbial properties. For a kitchen area where there is a greater risk of slips, we recommend a slip rating of at least R10.

    2. Luxury Vinyl Tiles

    Vinyl tile is another material that is an ideal flooring for restaurants. The components of the vinyl material have high that enables it to withstand footfalls of high pressure. Vinyl can be cleaned easily, ensuring any spills are easily removed to prevent a customer or employee slipping. A key benefit is the luxury feel that can be achieved in either wood or stone effect, which has much of the authenticity of the natural product but major advantages in terms or maintenance. For very fast and easy installation a looselay such as AXIS could be considered. With vinyl tiles you also have opportunities to zone areas, perhaps defining convenient sections, such as bar standing areas and more evident walkways.

    3. Carpet Tiles

    Carpet tile is another material that is very convenient in terms of durability, installation, and cost. They also usually come with very strong sustainability credentials. Carpet tiles exist in different shapes and colours, which allows them to fit in any dimension of a project. They have acoustic benefits and have the ability to lift a room. Again they can provide an excellent way to zone off an area. Maintenance of carpet tiles is also quite easy. Carpet can create a warmer, cosier environment but should not be used in the kitchen workspace, as spills can not be cleaned as easily as vinyl.

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