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    Colour trends 2022 for commercial interiors

    December, 2021

    What are the colour trends 2022 for commercial interiors?

    As we move into the new year, it’s time again to research the upcoming colour trends and how these will play out in commercial interiors. We see what the experts say and see if there are an emerging patterns we can see from our own sales.

    As the UK gets bolder, so do our colour choices

    2022 will mark the third year since COVID-19 hit the world and it’s safe to say it has certainly had its impact. But moving into this third-year people are looking for a sense of hope and optimism.

    The pantone colour of the year is a completely new colour that is meant to reflect this:

    Pantone colour of the year Dynamic Periwinkle

    “Creating a new colour for the first time in the history of our PANTONE Colour of the Year educational colour program reflects the global innovation and transformation taking place. As society continues to recognise colour as a critical form of communication, and a way to express and affect ideas and emotions and engage and connect, the complexity of this new red violet infused blue hue highlights the expansive possibilities that lay before us.”

    Dulux colour of the year

    While the Dulux colour of the year is very different, their message has perhaps a similar tone but their advice on office colour combinations is far more subtle, and perhaps a closer reflection on how the commercial spaces of 2022 will look.

    Dulux Bright SkiesTM

    Bright Skies™ is an airy, light blue that’s fresh, open and good for the soul. It brings a hint of the natural world inside, and is a colour that works with a host of other shades – from soft neutrals to joyful brights.

    We especially like their Colour Futures Specifier brochure for colour inspiration.

    Deconstructed rose gold: pink and orange are the new combo

    We have researched, that for the last two years, rose gold has been at the height of the trend, but this year will mark the final move away from the vintage metallic sheen and towards the retro pink and orange combination. Not only do these colours complement each other well, but their versatility means that you can experiment with different shades across the spectrum to play, with highlights and lowlights throughout a commercial interior.

    Of course, we are looking at specifically for flooring inspiration, and that often comes from yarn experts antron and their 2022 predictions.

    We can see some synergies with the Dulux palette here, so you may find by combining these sources, there is sufficient enough inspiration for your next project. Our own experience is that blues and greys are the strongest sellers across all our ranges, but many of our Trend range colours, that are a little more daring, work perfectly with the proposed 2022 direction.

    Minimalist is out and BUSY is in

    We are told, 2022 could be the year that minimalist says its goodbyes and the UK welcomes in hectic abstract. We have certainly seen some great creations with our Hexxtile ranges of lately.

    Muddy greens and dark woods are the dark academia aesthetic 2022 adores

    Dark academia has been growing as a cult aesthetic but 2022 is the year it will become mainstream and take the UK by storm. Warm, muddy greens will be in to balance out the colour combinations and draw on a little bit of that “cottagecore”. We will need to see how that translate to commercial interiors, but it is certainly worth considering!

    Again, if we reflect on antron’s predictions they predict olive greens, French roast, mulberry and satsuma orange to be strong colours in 2022. These fit with those predictions, as well as the sales growth of the darker woods we have seen in the popular short plank Eleganza range, that we introduced in 2021.

    Whatever the colours of 2022 look like, we hope the year proves to be a good one and reflect the hope the trend analysts are all predicting.

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