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    Focus on clean floors Covid-19

    April, 2020

    Antibacterial flooring the new focus


    Commercial flooring that resists dirt and pathogens and that’s easy to clean could be one of the new purchasing priorities for organisations. Though good looks and value for money will still matter.

    Never has the subject of cleanliness been more discussed and promoted in recent times!  Frequent deep cleans may become essential to protect the health of building occupants and an expectation of staff returning to the workplace.

    This could well lead to companies commissioning replacement flooring from a new health-focused perspective. Aesthetics and durability will still be priorities, but from now on they could also be doubling up efforts to find the best commercial flooring material to keep clean or ways to keep it clean.

    Safety Flooring

    A range of antibacterial flooring that meets style, safety and additional hygiene standards is something Duraflor already offers. These properties can be found in the company’s Duragrip and Resolute ranges.  Both these ranges are recommended for healthcare environments, schools and other public places but are certainly not out of place in an office setting, especially break-out areas. This antibacterial flooring is easy to clean and maintain, has excellent life-cycle costs and offers a very sustainable alternative versus many other flooring types.

    Cienna is a safety flooring which is particularly attractive due to its highly defined wood and stone effect designs. Its PUR coating (a heavier weight version of polyurethane) makes it perfect for education, healthcare, hospitality and the public sector, where maintenance needs to be minimal but appearance and hygiene need to stay maximum at all times.

    For areas where hygiene is paramount, such as the healthcare profession, we strongly advise looking at our Galahad self-disinfecting vinyl flooring range. It uses nano-silver technology and a photosynthesis process to eliminate 99.9% bacteria including MRSA, VRE and E-coli without the need for any chemical floor cleaners.

    Luxury Vinyl Tiles

    LVT has always been associated with ease of maintenance and a high level of hygiene. It is both water resistant and easy to clean. In fact two of the key reasons for specifying Luxury Vinyl Tiles are durability and ease of maintenance.

    Carpet Tiles Hygiene

    For clients looking to use carpet tiles, there are also ways to ensure that these offer a similar high standard of protection. Duraflor now offers and range of Deep Clean Sanitisers which are perfect for all flooring types and kill 99.9% of bacteria.


    We provide guidance on cleaning and maintenance of all our flooring products on our product range pages.  It is likely that in a post-coronavirus office setting, deep cleaning, which we had previously recommended on a less frequent basis will become the norm. For more information about flooring hygiene contact us on 01592 630030.

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