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    Choosing commercial flooring that will last

    February, 2022

    How to choose commercial flooring that will last?

    If your office is due for a refit or you’re a flooring professional that needs a hardwearing solution for clients, the durability of the flooring you choose is an important factor. From tough vinyl flooring for restaurants to carpet tiles for waiting rooms, the type of flooring you choose needs to suit the environment both now and in the future. In this article, we look at how to choose commercial flooring that will last for years to come and continue to look good despite frequent use.

    The benefits of durable flooring

    Durability is an important factor for any floor, but it’s even more important in a commercial building where people are working, moving furniture, visiting and walking around.

    Flooring that has been designed specifically for use in Commercial areas is Class 33 Heavy Commercial Wear. The BS EN standard requires that the flooring product will last at least 10 years without presenting problems, that is if used in the designated room type. However, the floor must have also been installed according to the instructions, and be used and maintained as prescribed, for this to apply. For more details on Flooring Classifications and Regulations we recommend this blog.

    Flooring that has been designed specifically for use in these areas, like vinyl flooring and hard wearing commercial carpet tiles, tend to last far longer than a wooden floor or linoleum.

    There are a number of benefits to choosing a durable flooring solution like LVT, including

    – more resistant to wear and tear
    – low maintenance
    – more hygienic
    – easier to install
    – long warranty
    – neutral and often natural design

    Long-lasting floors are especially important for high traffic areas like hallways and entrances so pay attention to the quality of the flooring you choose and what it’s made of. To make sure your flooring lasts even longer, you could also install entrance matting to protect it and reduce slip hazards.

    Choosing timeless commercial flooring

    It’s also wise to think about the design you choose for your commercial flooring. A bright floral pattern might be very on-trend but it will probably look outdated far quicker than a neutral grey floor, or sophisticated darker design. Designs with random patterns can be beneficial from both a long-term appearance perspective, and wastage during installation. It’s also a good idea to choose a neutral floor if you are planning to redecorate in the future, so the floor will match, even if the walls have changed.

    It is important that the flooring is reflective of the company’s image/brand for it to stand the test of time.

    Call our team

    If you’re looking for durable commercial flooring that will last for many years, at Duraflor we have a wide range of options to suit any commercial environment. Call our flooring experts on 01592 630 030 today, so we can find the perfect hard-wearing solution for your commercial flooring project.

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